Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Healthcare Organizations using Google+?

The purpose of this article is to explain why Google+ is an important social media platform for a Healthcare Organization

What on earth is Google Plus 

Google "Plus" was introduced in 2011 and has since become the second largest social network in the WORLD (only outnumbered by Facebook)

Google+ stands out from the social media crowd because of the concept of CLOUD Computing

It works much like other social media sites except that it integrates all of Google's other services - Search, Gmail, Maps, Calendar

There are almost 370 MILLION actively participating members.  

Why is Cloud Computing so important for a Healthcare Organization?

Let's start with explaining what Could computing is.  It is storing and accessing data and programs over the internet versus an actual computer hard drive.

  • This allows Google+ to offer HIPPA Compliance (a critical feature for businesses that handle healthcare information)

  • This gives the healthcare industry quick, safe and accurate access to healthcare information 

  • Allows healthcare employees to have access to their information when the need it, where they need it.   

Google+ provides your Healthcare Organization with powerful tools that you can use through Cloud Computing

  • Audiences can be segmented by CIRCLES to target specific messages to specific segments of your audiences
  • Use HANGOUT a free alternative video chat up to 10 people versus video conference call software or using webinar or broadcast a public video with Hangout On Air
  • Increase visibility of blog posts with AUTHORSHIP by linking your articles to this application
  • Participate in COMMUNITIES to have discussions, asks questions or provide advice
  • Use WHAT'S HOT application to see what the popular and trending topics are based on hashtag trends 
  • Get found in LOCAL search results since Google+ is combined with Pages, Maps and Search you're automatically part of that social component allowing people to see your ratings, hours of operation and anything else you want to show all in one place. 

When you're connected to Google+ you have the key to driving traffic to our website: Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Docs, Youtube, and Google (which just happens to be the largest search engine on the PLANET.)

Here's an example of the Children's National Medical Center in  Google+ 

  • The first thing you see when you get to the main page (on Google+) is a link to the Medical Center's main website
  • Their Google+ account has a great mix of posts, photos and vidoes
  • You have an immediate invitation to follow their Google+ page
  • There's a picture focusing on a curious child
  • Whether you are a follower or not you can post a comment on anything that is posted publicly, which is great to see because it engages the viewer and allows active participation on the site from the Medical Center
  • I do wish that they would have the mission statement or some type of a purpose statement for all to see at the start of the page.  If the viewer is unfamiliar with the Medical Center a short purpose statement indicating what the Medical Center is or does is important to connect to the page.  

Here's an example of a video on how to set up your Google+ Page 

This video is great because it shows in a very simple way how to get started, and how easy it can be to expand the marketing platform for your business with no cost.  Once the initial set up is complete, the rest is up to you in how many of the tools you will utilize to maximize your business on Google+.  

Did I mention Google+ is FREE. That's right.  No cost to you. 

In today's world of budget cuts and financial strain, the fact that Google+ is free to businesses should be music to your ears.

If you are a Nonprofit Organization it cannot get any better than this!

Whether your Healthcare Organization is big or small there are 370 Million people on this network that you can connect with, and 6 incredible tools to help you get started.

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Megan Hucks said...

Sabrina, I read your post because I knew it would be a nice example. Although I chose to do mine on YouTube, you really nailed how powerful google plus can be for healthcare organizations. I like that you added a little humor to your blog and continue to keep things fun. It is important for people to understand exactly what the site has to offer and you gave a great description.

Matthew Norcross said...

Sabrina, you really nailed how Google+ can be used by healthcare organizations. Like Megan, I also love how you add in a little humor and try to make things more fun. Humor is especially important whenever you talk about a very important subject such as this. Good job!