Thursday, June 18, 2015

Blogs - why use them

Did my shirt get stained?? 

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What on earth is a Blog??

Ever wonder what a blogspot is?  No fear, we are hear to help! Basically a health blog helps you communicate information online to anyone who is curious about what you want to share:
  •  post medical links so that others can find further information on other websites 
  •  share information about new and exciting technology
  •  help clarify any confusion about the latest medical and health related news 
  •  remind people about important upcoming events such as blood drives or flu shot clinics
  •  give information about the latest medical recalls 
  •  and so much more!
Blogs can be used to serve as a platform of information from health organizations to the general public, between the general public and also between medical personnel.

Check out this blog to see how they are used privately for the general public:

The Slender Student

This blog is a great way to encourage
a healthy lifestyle by eating right!

Check out this blog to see how it is used between health care professionals:

Pediatric Education

Continuously posts important information 
to help serve as continuing pediatric education and be used 
as a resource for other medically related persons.   

Check out how this blog is used by the professional health organization:


This site is a great way to relay information and categorize it according to content.  These blogs are typically written by people who work with the USDA to help explain current topics and then allow for comments by anyone in order to create a dialogue versus simply posting information on a website.  It's a great way to establish a trusting relationship to the public as well as interact with them.  Feedback is important and this type of set up encourages interaction that everyone can see, and educate themselves about.


Sabrina Phelps said...

Feel free to post your comments here!! I'd love to get some input :)

Gianna DiSarno said...

Hey Sabrina!

The set up of your blog and words is great, but the all capital letters makes it somewhat difficult to read. Other than that your blog page looks great!

I really enjoyed looking at The Slender Student blog. This blog would be great for college students to view if that have gained weight or want to maintain weight. It's a free, accessible source. Healthcare providers/ companies can benefit off blogging. Opinions, ideas, and thoughts are exposed in blogs, but the same thing can be exposed on Facebook or Twitter. I have nothing against blogging, but I do not think it's popular enough. There are many people who blog, but way more people tweet ad post a status. What do you think? Is blogging a better social media tool for them to use? Blogs are not as easy to use as other social media sights are.

Lacey R. said...
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Lacey R. said...

Hi Sabrina!

As a first time blogger I thought your explanation of what a blog was, was great. I also liked that you explained what a medical/health care blog was as well.

I myself think that medical/health care organization should use blogs instead of social media sites likes Facebook and Instagram. I say this because using a blog will give them the opportunity to share information with the pubic, whether it be how to deal with a crisis that may being going on or just general information. I also think that using a blog will give them complete control over the information that they want to share as well as their blog. And will also give them a chance to interact with the public and respond to the questions or concerns that they may have. Using a blog also won't give them the limitations that a social networking site will.

I also think that medical/health care organization would be better using a blog because it can bring more awareness to their organization. For example I love to share things about autism because I have a family member who has a form of autism. And they use their site in a way that allows the public to learn about different families that may need help or some that have benefited from the organization. They also use their site to post pictures of the many fundraisers that they have hosted and again the families that have benefited from it. And they also allow you to sign up with an email or phone number to give you updates on where you money is being used and who it was able to help. Which I think is amazing.