Monday, June 22, 2015

Every Health Organization's business should be on Facebook!

"Facebook is primarily a broadcast site, so your focus will be in building and nurturing a community and promoting content to your community so they will eventually make it to your website"

Facebook is important to health organization marketing for a multitude of reasons, here are some tips to using Facebook effectively: 

  • patient stories can be shared
  • staff achievements can be acknowledged
  • community involvement can be expanded
  • hospital milestones can be noted
  • the latest advancements can be bragged about
  • it's a great place for sharing posts from fans
  • real time feedback through surveys/questionnaires can be gathered
  • data can be shared - such as the latest CLABSI results
  • it is a way to be discovered
  • it is a way to tailor and target to an audience

Check out this video on how the Boston Children's Hospital has designed their  Facebook page to draw people in.

The page as cover page with their model on the main page, but more importantly tabs along the bottom to encourage views to explore other information about the Hospital.  Their site has videos, external links for information, easy to use search options to find doctors, educational links to learn about treatments and conditions, request appointments, and ways to have a book sent that further encourages fundraising and attending events.  The Facebook page even has stories of prior patients who have had a great experience, examples of younger children reading their free book, research the hospital has been participating in that intertwine with links to the main hospital's website.  This is a great example of utilizing Facebook to draw people in and get them curious about the hospital, and the hospital more involved with the community.

Even small health businesses can flourish on Facebook!

Here's are just a few examples of how 100PercentChiropractic has added over 1500 people to their Facebook page (must be signed in to Facebook).  Sites like these can lure in potential clients based on the information they post, and share to encourage Chiropractic health.

  • If the site posts X-rays to learn about problems and conditions, they are likely to get shared on Facebook.  Links can be provided for more information - including the Chiropractic office to draw clients into the office. 
  • Websites can be shared to encourage a healthier lifestyle - for example Are you texting your way to back pain? 
  • Encourage more visitors to the site by having current customers tag friends and family to win a free appointment, and in the meantime having Facebook users advertise your business! 
  • Posting snap shot stories/pictures of younger clientele and creating awareness of Chiropractic care through client stories.
  • Involving Facebook users for fundraisers and events participating on the business's page in order to encourage visits to the site.  
  • Posting videos - providing education to pregnant woman on spinal and epidural anesthesia, potentially drawing in a new demographic to the business. Here's an example of a video that can be posted that could warrant a consultation at the Chiropractic office prior to giving birth.

Facebook is great because Healthcare Organizations can utilize it not only for advertisement but also for education, interaction, linking health care professionals together, addressing current issues, getting feedback in minutes versus weeks - and so much more! It can be a bit intimidating to start a page, just check out CSC's recommendations for effective social media use in healthcare marketing.  Another great source is KunoCreative, which lists the top 5 tips for using Facebook as a healthcare marketing site.

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DanJamCamHam said...

Sabrina, your blogs are seriously awesome! You have color, and cool fonts, pictures, videos, laser light shows. I can't even figure out the indents for my blog! Your blog is aesthetically very nice and definitely draws in readers. I also like how you incorporated the video in your blog to visually show how the Boston Children's Hospital uses their Facebook page so well. It was also a good idea to give an example of a business that is not so big, that is using Facebook to promote their company.

Sabrina Phelps said...

Thank you. I am learning as I go too, no worries! Yes, I am glad I posted the video as well as it may give a better overall understanding of my point. Thank you!